Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Designers Nursery

Being on Twitter allows me to connect with so many fabulous business owners. I LOVE hearing how one has started off, and what their passion was for getting them to the point they are in their business. A few weeks ago I met Chavy on Twitter, owner of Designers Nursery.

(Picture provided by Designers Nursery)

She has passion for designing nurseries, and has the experience from being able to do that with her four children. "A new baby! Strikes a chord in every mother's heart! The smell of a new beginning. A new life.

That's me. Being a mother of four, every addition to our family brought its own excitement, joy, and an abundance of love. And for me, a love for everything called BABY!

For years I've been doing interior designing, but my heart and passion belongs to THAT baby nursery! That passion developed over the years, with two exclusive bedding lines, that we brought to the web, in our boutique.

What makes my site different than most, is, that for a lot of the lines that we carry, it is not just what, or how you see it on our site. We offer custom coordination and endless possibilities for decorating and designing, to create your perfect nursery. At no extra fee to the customer. We hope you will take full advantage of it and let us do the work for you."
~Chavy (Owner of Designers Nursery)

Luxury bedding for your little one that is adorable, stylish, and calling your name! This set from the Blooming Babies over the Valley Crib Bedding Collection is beautiful! If only I had a little bundle of joy to buy this for.

(Picture provided by Designers Nursery)

(Picture provided by Designers Nursery)

(Picture provided by Designers Nursery)

The quality is amazing and the design and pattern is wonderful. If you have another color you woud be interested in sticking to when designing your nursery, or if you would like to stay with one theme altogether, Designers Nursery has everything to make your nursery perfect for your and your little bundle of joy. Or if you do not know where to start, you can talk with one of their design consultants to get started to planning your nursery. Email or call toll-free at (855) 346-8773.

Be sure to follow @DesignersN on Twitter and like Designers Nursery on their Facebook page.

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