Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sassy Ruffles Princess Hair Accessories!

My daughter is my little princess. Recently she turned 5 and she wanted everything to be princess. Well, she has been a princess for a few years now. I always try to find unique shops and boutiques to find her those princess items that make her eyes sparkle. Remember, you need more than just the dress and the shoes and the need those matching princess hair accessories!

Sassy Ruffles has those hair accessories, as well as tutus and hair bows that will have your princess twirling! So let's take a second and find out more about Katy, the owner of Sassy Ruffles!

(Picture Provided by Sassy Ruffles)

How did you get started with your business?
 "I wanted to make hair clips for my nieces, and after spending lots of time being creative, it turned into a business of making tutus and hair accessories! I am so happy with the business that it has turned into today, I cant wait to see how much it continues to grow." 

What is your favorite thing to create?
 "I LOVE to create new items, I get so excited working with new colors, patterns and fun items like ice cream cones, cupcakes and girly sparkle items!"

What do you think would be your least favorite item to create?
"I truly enjoy making all my items, But I don’t prefer to make the same exact products over and over again I get bored and like to create new items." 

How long have you been in business?
"Its been in full swing for a year and a half!" 

Do you ever sell your items in other stores?
"Yes I do have 2 wonderful stores that my products are in. Trucker Mouth in Seal Beach, Ca and Kidz Head 2 Toe in Long Beach,Ca;" and

Where do you get your inspiration from?
"I love looking at kids fashions for each season, I see whats trendy and also like to come up with fresh new ideas!"

How do you balance working from home and your family?
"Working from home can be hard, I try to stick to a schedule and also give my sell breaks so that I don’t get burnt out and so that I can enjoy spending time with family and friends!  I spend my days and sometimes nights going from my craft area to my computer again and again!" 

When is the best time for you to work?
"I usually like to work in the morning, when I have a fresh start and a clear head." 

Katy was kind enough to send a set of princess hair accessories for review. I LOVE them, and my daughter likes to try and wear all of the clips at the same time!

I love the princess crown! It is adorable, I love the fabric, and the rhinestones are a fabulous touch!

Sassy Ruffles also sells headbands with big, beautiful flowers attached as well. So if you would like to change up your child's hair accessories from time to time, Sassy Ruffles is the place to go for all of your princess and girl needs!  Make sure you also connect with Sassy Ruffles on their Facebook page!

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