Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Princess Party with Atutudes and Mouse House Creations!

What does a five-year old girl want for her birthday....well first, as I was told, you need a princess theme, wands, crowns, dresses, jewelry, the list goes on. Since my daughter turned give, I thought.....I can definitely make this happen. She is five, this is a big deal! So I invited the entire family, and since we have enough kids in our family alone to make it a full house, there is never a need to invite anymore people over. The house gets full, the kids are running wild screaming and laughing, and the princesses are bossing around the boys, or princes depending on their age. As always, our birthdays and family get togethers are a blast, and I love being able to showcase wondering business owners like Hayley, the owner of Mouse House Creations, and Jennifer and Kristal, owners of Atutudes.

So lets take a second and meet Hayley!

"My name is Hayley and I am 31 years old.  I have been with my husband Garrett for over 10 years and we have 2 beautiful children, Ethan and Ainsley.  I am a stay at home mom, but in my "spare" time, I love to sew, design, and create.  My main focus with my etsy business is creating custom items for parties, weddings, and baby/bridal showers.  Most of my orders incorporate sewing, but many people are loving my party creations!  They are so fun to make and I really hope to expand my line this fall.  My other focus will be updating my blog  to show all the recent home decorating we have been doing."

The girls LOVED their wands from Mouse House Creations. They felt like they were true princesses, twirling around and leading with their wand. My daughter also LOVED her princess crown that Hayley surprised us with! The little rhinestones on the front gave it a perfect touch, and the ribbon did not hurt her head like some birthday hats can. Combine this crown with a fabulous dress from Atutudes, and you have yourself a princess!

Now, I will show you another picture with this dress, but it is adorable! The fabulous ladies over at Atutudes created it, and did I mention how you would LOVE this dress?! "A fluffy Petti Tutu Dress made with shades of Pink Tulle with Light Pink Satin Halter Tie, Removable Glittery Crown Pin, and a Light Pink Satin Ribbon Tie at Waist. Can be worn full without the tie at the waist or cinched." ~Atutudes

So who is behind this amazing work? Lets find out!

Atutudes came to fruition with the birth of Jennifer's beautiful daughter Elan. It was love at first sight! We were planning her 1st birthday party and were looking for just the right tutu. Not really finding what we were looking for, we decided to try making our own. Viola! Atutudes was born.
Each tutu is professionally hand knotted by Jennifer and Kristal from only the finest lead-free, non-flammable tulle made in the USA. Jennifer and Kristal are best friends as well as business partners and enjoy creating beautiful designs for weddings, birthday parties, dance recitals, costume parties, pageants, photographs or just twirling around the house!

Did I mention how much I LOVE this Couture Cotton Candy Feather Petti Tutu Dress?! It is adorable and my daughter just loves wearing it for any occasion!

For some reason, she kept pulling on her ribbon, but it still looks adorable! So we had a fabulous time though. We had princes and princesses, and had burgers and hotdogs....and ended it with a princess cake! It was a great time, and it is always fun to see the little ones running around laughing and smiling. So where should you go for your next party?

Head over to Mouse House Creations for your party essentials. Like them on their Facebook page to connect. You can shop at Atutudes on Etsy,  and connect with them on their Facebook page. Make sure you follow them on Twitter @atutudes.


Susan Woods said...

I love Atutudes. Kristal is incredible, isn't she? What a lovely dress they made for your special little girl! said...

They are fabulous! Im super thrilled I got a chance to review their fabulous dress!