Monday, August 22, 2011

CleanWell Sanitizes

(Picture provided by CleanWell)

CleanWell "believe in eliminating germs safely. That's why we developed CleanWell, a patented formulation of natural thyme oil that kills germs yet contains no harsh chemicals. CleanWell truly is a better way to clean." ~CleanWell

LOVE this company! Using a product with natural ingredients rather than harsh chemical is definitely a plus in my book. Their hand sanitizers are great, and you are able to purchase a sanitizer for on the go, in the car, in the home, everywhere! CleanWell sent me a few of their products for review. I kept the Hand Sanitizer Canister Pack in the car. Being outside at the park, or at soccer practice can be a lot of fun. However, your little ones can also get extremely dirty, and it is always great to have these on hand to clean them off from dirt and germs.

(Picture provided by CleanWell)
For only $8.99 you can have these canisters for your car in vanilla or orange. I really LOVE their Hand Hygiene Pack. This includes everything you need; their foaming hand soap that is great to have at every sink counter, a hand sanitizing spray bottle, and 20 sanitizing wipes. You know their products do not contain harsh chemicals, and you will love to have their products with you everywhere you go.

(Picture Provided by CleanWell)

Like CleanWell says, "This is a better way to clean hands." Why not buy your sanitizing products from a brand you can trust? The spray is great for on the go, and one spritz and you child is done! No mess, having to squeeze a bottle and too much comes out. Simply spray and beat the bacteria!

(Picture provided by CleanWell)

I LOVE having hand soaps with a variety of smells. I'm definitely a lavender person myself, but also like to throw in a vanilla, lime or ginger aroma every now and then. They are a foaming hand soap that is naturally antibacterial, and kills germs with no harsh chemicals! What else could you ask for?

(Picture provided by CleanWell)

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