Thursday, July 21, 2011

Container Gardening

Do you like to garden? Well, I LOVE to garden! In the front of my house I have sunflower, waive petunias, creeping jennies, and more! I have many more ideas, however, it is just too late this year to try and do more. So, I'm already planning for next year. On my deck, I have done container gardening for the past two years. I have a variety of peppers growing, basil, tomatoes, and I have been trying to grow green beans, not sure if I will succeed. So what did I use you ask? I headed over to and found a lot of great products to use. The ones that caught my eyes though were their Grow bags. You can choose from Tomato Grow Bags, Potato Grow Bags, Salad Grow Bags, and Pepper Grow Bags

These are great! The double-layer polypropylene which enables your plant to breathe better so that there is no heat build-up within the plant or over watering, which I'm sure I am not the only one who has been through that. I always used to think that I could never keep one plant alive, and not I have a green thumb and love gardening, veggies and flowers.

Yes, those would be little tomatoes growing! Oh, and yes, this would be me cheering because I'm growing my own veggies! Who to thank, well water, Lowe's for selling the small  beginner plants, and for these fabulous bags to grow plants in. They are truly amazing, and you can fold down the sides if you need to until the plant grows further. 

I LOVE the smell of basil! Do you? Do you have a green thumb? You have to check out to find great products for outdoor and indoor living as well as gardening. You will love what you find. If you get a second head over to Facebook page to stay up to date and find out about news and products.

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