Friday, May 6, 2011

Great Useful Stuff

Great Useful Stuff has a Glam Personal Media Case that allows you to still charge your devices even while they are still in the case. You can slip the cords through the bag, and have your devices protected as well as bring charged. That way when you finally arrive to your destination, if you want to capture a moment, simply grab your camera from your media case and rest assurred that it is fully charged.

Looking to glam up your jewelry cases and personal media cases? Sick and tired of the same old boring case that you carry around when on the go to hold your sparkling necklace and digital cameras? All you have to do is look in one place!

You know what is even better? You can purchase this case right now on sale for only $7.99! That is super affordable! A great investment for protecting your valuables. Make sure you get the matching Glam Jewelry Travel case to hold all of your glam! You want to bring your jewels with you even on the go, but you want to make sure that they are safe. This case has the same leopard print on the inside, and the gold faux finish on the outside. Make sure you snag this right now as well for only $7.99.
One last thing from Great Useful Stuff I just LOVE is their Photo Storage products. The 6 Section Photo Storage Tray gives you plenty of storage room for photos, and the design is appealing enough to sit out on your coffee table to share. This item is only $40 and you can choose brown or black.

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