Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time to get a new island?

Is it time to get a new island? No.....not an actual island where you would go take a vacation at, but a kitchen island! I was bored with how ours looked because it blended in with the rest of the kitchen, and I wanted ours to stand out. I like mixing it up a little bit, and decided to get a black kitchen island to go with my all white kitchen cabinets. looks fabulous!

If you already have a kitchen island, and are sort of hesitant about this idea because of the cost, do not worry, Home Styles Furniture has kitchen islands that are functional, and look great, and remember, you can always sell your existing one! Craigslist can definitely come in handy when updating your home, because you can always find someone on there that would be interested in paying a lower price for something you are trying to sell.

One that I LOVE is the island shown below. It is a bit smaller, but still very functional with the bar that can go up or down, and with coordinating bar stools. The oak finished top gives you that cottage style to your kitchen, and on each side of the island there is adjustable shelving. 

Even sits on top of my floor, so if I get bored with how it sits one way, I can move it! Best thing ever! Home Styles has other islands as well, and you can make it a set and purchase the hutch as well. Their furniture is made well, and I was amazed how easy it was for my husband to put the island together. He was amazed as well! Every detail on this island is great, down to the leg and the hardware. Check out their other furniture today.

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