Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have to get these Frye's

So we have raved about these boots before, and we are back to do it some more. Do you own a pair of Frye's? Do you know how great these boots look with anything, and how comfortable they are? This is a brand that where quality meets fashion, and you will love how you can mix it up with anything in your closet.

Now, I have a little fashionista on my hands. Whenever I get a pair of shoes, boots, a shirt, my daughter asks where hers is. She LOVES to shop, and is now in the stage where she likes to put her own outfits together. At the age of four, it is all about being a little bit more independent, doing things on her own. So if she wants to walk out the door with a pink and green striped shirt with a purple tutu and pink Frye boots, why not?! She is expressing herself, and at that age, it is SUPER adorable!

My daughter just LOVES her Carston Shorties in Berry. They are easy to pull on, comfy on her feet, and just look adorable on her! How could you resist? Check out their other styles too! They have several in different colors and styles that will fit your little one perfectly!

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