Friday, April 1, 2011

Lindsay Olives

Are you an olive lover? Have you ever tried Lindsay Olives? You really should head over to their site and see which ones you would like to keep on hand. My husband is a HUGE OLIVE fan, and the first thing he goes to grab for a snack are his olives. He was thrilled when he found out that he would have the opportunity to try Lindsay Olives.

Now he has tried many brands of olives. As many people believe, and he did, the more expensive the better. Throw some feta cheese in the can as well and it is complete! He tried the Italian Seasoned Large Pitted Olives. This is a great item because the olives come in a  resealable container! You do not have to dirty up your tupperware, because Lindsay Olives has taken care of it.

The olives are seasoned with garlic, rosemary, and oregano. Pop a few in your mouth as you are heading out the door and simply reseal the lid and refrigerate! There is no mess and my husband loves them! They have other options if you want to buy just olives with no seasoning at all. Choose from the Black Ripe Olives. Your options are Pitted California Ripe Olives, Chopped California Ripe Olives, Low Sodium California Olives, California Ripe Olives with Jalapeno, or Sliced California Ripe Olives.

Or you can go the natural way with the Green Ripe California Medium Pitted Olives, Sliced California Ripe Olives, or the Black Ripe California Medium Pitted Olives. The Natural Olives are color-free, preservatives-free, and "any other stuff-free."

Lindsay Olives offers you even more than that! You can choose the Adventure style or go with the Mediterranean style, and when you add the olives to a dish you will love the end results!

Go to Lindsay Olives Facebook page for a chance to win a copy of award-winning cookbook author Joanne Weir’s smash-hit book, Wine Country Cooking.

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