Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to get ready for Spring with Naya!

I have always been in LOVE with the shoes from Naya. They are very comfortable, Eco-Friendly, and very stylish! You can choose from flats, to a feminine and chic heel, to a wedge. Even better, you will be loving how your feet feel after wearing them all day. How many of you can say that your feet feel great after wearing heels? 

If you have never heard about Naya, here is some information. Naya was born from the belief that shoes should be beautiful on your feet, soft on your step and gentle on the environment. Because you should never have to choose between what looks good, what feels good and what is good for you and for the earth.

Naya means renewal and this inspires and guides us in everything we do to create shoes that:

Renew your spirit with expressive, feminine style
Renew your body with exceptionally soft comfort
Renew the earth with environmentally-thoughtful designs
You will wear Naya because they are beautiful, and you will love them because they are good for your body, spirit and the earth.

I have to be honest, if I could buy every single pair of shoes from Naya I would. They are a must-have for any wardrobe this Spring, but I will select one of my favorites for now to rave about. The Sugar Magnolia Collection is fabulous! Naya states how the shoes from this collection were "inspired by lush gardens in full bloom. Soft flowers add a touch of sweetness to structured designs. Natural and Beautiful." 

I LOVE the Naya Airena Platform Sandal. Wear with a flowy dress, a pair of capris, anything!

So who is behind the Naya Movement? It is Kasey Gibbs, Director of Design and Product Development. Kasey states that "Naya was born from the belief that shoes should be beautiful on your feet, soft on your step and gentle on the environment." Those are three things that she wants women to know.

Kasey also believe that an Eco-friendly line is important because "our society is becoming more conscious about how we are affecting our environment. Much of what we throw away in landfills we be there forever, leaking harmful chemicals into the earth," so Kasey decided that it would be best to use biodegradable and recycled materials as much as possible.

One last thing I would love to include that Kasey mentioned, and I think that every woman should agree with her! "As mothers, grandmothers and sisters we are the caretakers of our future generations. The earth is not going to remain the way it is unless we make an effort to sustain and renew it. Eco-friendly shoes are just one step we can take as we work to accomplish this goal."
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moderndaywife said...

I love those flats!!!!

Chic Style Modern said...

I know! Have to get them!