Monday, March 7, 2011

Kids Educational Apps

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Do you know who Milanie Cleerie is? She is the founder or Lunchbox Reviews, and is also the owner of Oompa Toys. She does prefer toys that are not battery operated as you will find at Oompa Toys, but she has discovered that there are many apps that can be purchased for your little ones that are educational and fun. You can let them use your iPod Touch, and instead of them listening to music, they can sit and learn by the touch of a finger!

As everyone who owns an iPod knows, purchasing apps can be cheap. However, when you are searching for educational apps like Milanie was, her total did soon to rise after going through many apps and finding that some were truly just a waste of money. This is the creation of Lunchbox Reviews, and she brings great mobile apps to your fingertips! You do not have to waste your money looking and trying apps that will not help your child learn anything. Lunchbox Reviews will tell all about the apps and why you must get them for your children.

Searching through the site is very easy as well. You can look for a certain age, or you can find a certain app by browsing the categories that are listed in the tabs. Or, if you like to really stay up to date with all of the hottest and most recent children apps, then you can check back daily and select the "What's New" tab. You can also find Flashcard kid apps that are always great for your kids to learn and remember their letters and numbers.

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I have to be honest too. My daughter LOVES to sit and play on my iPod Touch. If you are worried about your touch getting messed up, then by the protective gear so that it does not get scratched or broken. She loves playing games, and she LOVES to learn. If your child likes to use yours then why not allow them to learn while doing so. You will be amazed with the outcome, and will also get the satisfaction that your little one is learning. 

Lately, I have been searching through "The Best Toddler Apps," and "The Best Preschool Apps," and a new one for us, "The Best Kindergarten Apps" since my daughter is going to be starting next time school is in. 

Do not pass this up! You have to check it out! It is a great site to find useful apps for your children.

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