Thursday, March 10, 2011

Converse Shoes

Converse has Dr. Seuss collection of kids shoes. You can still select from either hi-top or low-top for your little boy or girl, and they can walk around in a classic converse shoe that they will love!

My little boy loves his. Whenever we are going out to the store he always points to his Dr. Seuss Converse to put on his feet. I will definitely have to end up buying another pair down the road because he never wants to take them off his feet! The All Star Dr. Seuss shoes are striped just like the cat in the hat, and has a rubber sole to protect your little one's feet. The colors are red, white, and black like cat in the hat, and will go great with any outfit.

The shoes are only $45, so go right over to Converse and pick out a pair of Sr. Seuss Converse shoes for your little one. You also can choose from their classic chucks, or you can check out their latest hot new colors for Spring! Make sure that you head over to the Converse Facebook page to like them, and follow them on Twitter @Converse

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