Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bee's Knees!

First, lets introduce the creator and owner of Bee's Knees; Tammany. 

"I am a mother of 2 boys and started Bee's Knees about 8 years ago when my first son Jackson started crawling.  Shortly after, we found out jack was born profoundly deaf - needless to say the business was put on hold for some time while we adjusted to the news and went through his cochlear implant surgery.  However I eventually went back to Bee's Knees as I hoped that one day we could use the business as a platform to educate people about the importance of early detection of infant hearing loss and the success of cochlear implants.  We have done quite a bit of PR on the subject: The Mom Show, Gil Deacon and in print and also raised funds for The Learning to Listen Foundation.  Jack is now 8; speaks perfectly normal, plays piano and even narrated the school french play!

As mentioned our pants have received some great press and celebrity endorsements and things are starting to finally fall into place now that I have the support of Kushies.  Courteney Cox loved Bee's Knees as they were carrying their daughter everywhere because their hardwood was too hard on her knees.  Courteney had her sister/assistant contact me and she even gave us an endorsement.  Jill Whelan (formerly Vicki on the Love Boat) saw BK on The Today Show and went on her radio show to ask listeners to call in if they knew where to find them.  Bebe Buell discovered BK and loved them - she ordered multiple pairs from us for gifts and then finally disclosed she was Liv Tyler's mom - of course we sent some free pairs to Liv for Milo! Lastly, Goldie purchased 6 pairs for Kate and Ryder in Muskoka and he was later seen wearing them in the Baby B'jorn.

Currently, we are designing new pants made of brushed microfiber, lined with cotton jersey and in sporty styles with beautiful colors and an updated modern look.  I am really excited about our future with Kushies." 


 Bee's Knees are also recommended by pediatric therapists at YALE PEDIATRIC hospital.  Most recently, Bee's Knees licensed with Kushies and we are producing some sporty, bright and fun styles for 2011! 
The "buzz" about Bee's Knees is catching on as just this morning they were discussed on Canada's #1 national news radio show.

Do you have a baby girl or baby boy who is starting to crawl? Are they scooting around on your hardwood or tile? Have you ever thought that maybe their poor little knees are not feeling so hot after crawling all over the hard floor? Well, there is a solution! Bee's Knees Crawling Pants are a necessity for your little one's wardrobe. They come in several different colors and collections. You can select from the Cozy Collection in Hot Chocolate, Navy, Icey Turquoise, Petal Pink, and Creamy Tan. Your little ones will love crawling around on the floor with the padded knees and super soft pants.

Bee's Knees pants for your baby are great because they are providing a padding for the baby's knees. Have you ever been concerned with your little one crawling around on the floor? Many parents have and Bee's Knees has developed their pants to address many parent's needs. “An elegant and simple solution to a concern common to many parents in today’s homes. Great protection for baby’s knees, allowing timely development of normal postural strength in the spine.” 

~Dr. Patrick F. HewittB.SC., D.C., Chiropractor, Health Coach, Nutrition Adviser to the National Training Centre for Squash and Canada’s Coast to-Coast Riders, father of 3.

You can choose from the Sporty Collection, and your little one can own a pair of lightweight microfiber pants that repel water and are great for active crawlers. Choose from Bubblegum, Sky Blue, Lil' Pumpkin, or Flag Red.

Or you can choose from the Ivy League, and get your little one a pair of 100% cotton chinos, that are very soft and durable! Those are 2 key words, "soft," and "durable." You can choose from Ivy League Pink, Ivy League Blue, Ivy League Tan, Ivy League Mauve or Ivy League Mint. 

Or you can choose to buy from the Cowboy Collection that are 99% cotton and 1% spandex. They will provide your little ones with the same comfort and protection as the other collections, but this time in denim!

Check out what the celebrities are saying! 

"Beesknees was such a lifesaver for our Angelina Claudinette. I loved the comfort and safety I was able to provide my child."

~Marie Claudinette Jean, Fashion designer, wife to musician Wyclef Jean, mother.

"These crawling pants are the best invention since the wheel! We have all hardwood floors and without the Bees knees pants my son's little knees would be permanently bruised. We love how cute the colors and styles are, and they wash really well. Thanks so much for all of the pain free weeks of crawling and 'cruising'! "

~Jill Whelan, Actress - The Love Boat/Singer, Radio Talk Show Host

"Dear Tammany, Thank you so much for the Bee's Knees. Coco loves them. Wow! What a great invention. Thanks again,"

~Courteney Cox, Actress/mother

"They are so cute. It was a great addition to Milo's clothing. He thoroughly enjoyed crawling in them."

~Liv Tyler, actress and mother

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