Friday, February 4, 2011

Must-Haves for your Home

I love finding items that make my life just a bit more simple. We all deserve to be able to have things that make our life easier. When you are a busy mom who has to raise your 2, 3, 4 or more children while your loved one is busy working... all while working from home or having your own business, you will agree with me. Constantly cleaning and sanitizing, you should really have items that make things more simple.

Well, simplehuman can help. They have products that are very modern, in style and use. Their product designs are sleek, and will make any room look good. One of my favorites that I want to get to sit next to every sink is the simplehuman sensor pump. This pump can be used with any soaps, sanitizers, and lotions. There are two features where you can have the pump dispense a smaller or larger amount into your hand. It is great to have with little ones too, because they do not have to struggle to use the hand soap pump. I LOVE it! The sensor pump is only $39.99 and comes in brushed nickel.

Another item that I think is great to have for the kitchen is the bamboo tension arm paper towel holder. The simple and sleek design is great, and you are able to pull off one paper towel at a time because the tension rod gives the correct amount of pressure. I have used several paper towel holders. They are either too cheap looking to keep out on the counter, or I fight with them because when I go to tear off one piece, I get half the roll. Purchase this bamboo towel holder for only $29.99, and start living your life more simple with simplehuman.
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