Thursday, February 3, 2011


Looking for window treatments can be difficult. You have so many options, and such a variety of materials to choose from. Do you want a shade, or wood blinds, or curtains. The possibilities do not stop there. Then you have to figure the color scheme or if you would like a pattern or design. You may want them to stand out, but sometimes a clean look can mean so much more. has 2" Deluxe Wood Blinds that are made very well, and look beautiful. They really stand out, and you will receive compliments from everyone! White does stand out very well in a room, and then add the cloth tape color of your choice. We decided to pair brown with the white 2" wood blinds. They look amazing! Even better, they look great from the outside as well.

The blinds are custom made for you in just five business days. They are made with premium solid basswood, and come with a standard 3" valance. The blinds are very easy to clean, and are warp resistant. You also have the option to have them as a motorized blind. Another benefit is that they are easy to hang.

When I open the blinds they allow just enough light in, and when they are closed they are really sealed tight. You can choose from 16 colors for the blinds, and there are 10 exotic colors available. There are 15 colors to choose from for your tape cloth. Or take the next step and select one of the 22 designer cloth tapes available.
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