Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moon Dough!

Spinmaster sells a variety of products. You can get Air Hogs, Liv Dolls, Zoobles, Tech Deck, Pop on Pals, Tron Legacy, Moon Dough, and more. One of my favorites is the moon dough, yes....moon dough. Do not be afraid of mess and little pieces getting stuck in your carpet like play-doh. The moon dough is soft and very easy to clean up. 

The Moon Dough Magic Zoo is a big hit with the little ones. Everyday they ask to play with it, and they will sit for hours creating new animals out of the moon dough. It is very easy for them to do, and they have their animals walking out of the gate themselves! Listening to them giggle over and over from this product is fabulous! The Moon Dough Magic Zoo is one of my favorite products for kids.

The Moon Dough will never dry out, so if a piece does not happen to be put away, don't stress! It will be okay, and will last for your kids to play with over and over again. It is very soft, and wheat-free. There are other products as well that you could add to your Moon Dough collection. There is a Moon Dough Barn, Pizza Kit, Puppy, Diner, Ice cream, Moon Dough Bunnies, and refills if needed. 

This item is great for them to use their imagination. Other than creating animals with the molds provided, they can also create anything they can think of with their little hands. They will  learn while having fun!

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