Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green Toys

Where can you find environmentally-friendly toys that are safe for your little ones? Check out Green Toys to find classic childrens' toys that your little ones will love.

Recycled milk containers are the main ingredient of their toys. So remember, you are helping a company make green toys when you recycle your milk container. You can have the satisfaction that you are doing good for the community, and for a company!

Green Toys has a variety of products too! You can buy your little one blocks, a jump rope, cars, trucks, a dish set, a gardening kit, a pizza parlor kit, and more! The products are very cute, and your kids will love using their imagination to play with them.

My son is a fan of the Green Toys Race Car. There are no BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings on this car. This is a new addition to the Green Toys product line, and will be coming out soon. Keep checking back to make sure you can get your hands on this car for your children.

You do not have to worry about harmful items when it comes to these toys. Green Toys brought classic toys back for children, but kept in mind that these classic toys can be safe for kids, as well as the environment.

Make sure you like Green Toys on their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @greentoysinc.

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