Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shaw Floors Tigressa SoftStyle

This is so exciting! When I posted about Tigressa before, I was ecstatic about the quality and the feel of this amazing carpet! I worked with two fabulous companies, Kehne's Carpet One Floor & Home in Frederick, MD and Shaw Floors. Two amazing companies to work with, and both are selling one fabulous product, Tigressa SoftStyle! If you missed my previous post about Tigressa, here is a recap for you to get a better understanding."

This is a carpet that is stronger and even more durable than other carpets.....however the difference is the feel. Usually when you get a chance to feel a stronger carpet, you run into in being not soft to the touch. With Tigressa SoftStyle, you are able to get both worlds! You can enjoy a stronger carpet that is soft! I LOVE it! Guess what, like I mentioned before and super excited to tell all again, this carpet is also greener!!! Yes, green! This carpet is "manufactured as an eco-friendly choice for today's consumer." ~Shaw Floors

This carpet is more luxurious, and is made from recyclable Nylon 6, and can be recycled over and over. Tigressa also have a "Save the Tigers Efforts." This is the creature that inspired Shaw Floors when creating this carpet. "The fund sponsors effective efforts to stop the killing of wild tigers and to enable tigers to recover and flourish" ~Shaw Floors

This carpet was only launched in 2010, and Shaw Floors donated $25,000 to the Save the Tiger Fund in 2010, and continue to donate in the future. So if you are planning on replacing the flooring in your home, why don't you select one that is green and also for a great cause? Check out Kehne's Carpet One Floor & Home to find Tigressa SoftStyle for your home! The store manager, Dick, was very nice and so helpful! It is amazing to have someone care so much about their job and the products they sell. I was very honored to have the store manager come to my home for the measurements to make sure everything was perfectly measured out! The associates at the store will help you to the very end, and will make sure you are happy when you walk out of their doors. They always have offers as well, and they have Tigressa SoftStyle in their stores!

I LOVE this style of carpet. It is a you a luxurious look but can also be very casual. We had the carpet put in on the stairs going up, the hallway, and the bedrooms, and WOW, it made such a huge difference compared to the existing carpet that was in the house. It really does matter to pay a bit more and to get a great quality carpet. I was sold on green, green, green!

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