Sunday, December 26, 2010

A time to yourself and family...

Hello everyone, and hope you had a fabulous Christmas! I LOVE Christmas, and love being able to take the time off and sit back and enjoy the little things with my husband and little ones. It was perfect. Their faces were sparkling and eyes were twinkling as they walked down the steps and saw all the gifts under the gigantic Christmas tree.

I wanted to take a second just to ask everyone how was your holidays? Did you get everything that you wised for? Or is there something that you still have wanted so bad and just cannot wait for any longer? We would love to hear! Just send us a comment or an email if you get a chance.

I know I was out a bit, but I wanted to enjoy every second of Christmas with my babies. I wanted to be able to make cookies with them, and sit on the couch with them, and read with them, and of course, all of the wrapping for them! I have a toys feature coming up just in case your little one still wanted something. Or, if you still have to get someone a gift then stay with us! Do they like Le Creuset? Or what about Lego's of products at Fat Brain Toys? We have it all coming to you!

Take the time off, enjoy being with your family, and enjoy life right now! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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Happy new year!