Monday, December 27, 2010

Last minute items from Fat Brain Toys

This time of the year is the time to find great deals. The new year is starting, and all of those hot items that were must-haves for Christmas are suddenly on sale. I went to the store Christmas Eve to for a few last minute items and could not believe how everything was on clearance! Items that I bought on Black Friday were on clearance, and it was only the day before Christmas. Just a bit of news for you!

If you do not like to go out to the store and have to deal with all of the chaos that can occur in the stores, then here are some online shops that are great to stop by for quality products for your little ones. Fat Brain Toys has a variety of toys that will keep your little ones playing for hours. Not only do their items keep your little ones happy, but they also educate them. Their site makes it easy for you to find the right items for  your special little ones. Their featured toys tab has some of their hottest items for you to select, and they are the best sellers of the shop. They have the Learning Calendar  is great to have, and will give your little one the knowledge they need. They can find out almost anything from this calendar about earth. There are 365 facts in the calendar! They will never get tired of reading the new and exciting fact for each day, and it would also benefit them in the classroom when they are learning about their planet. 

Here is another item, Inchimals. You get 12 wooden blocks that are an inch big, and the colors and the numbers on the blocks will get your little one's mind going. They will love to play with these block animals, and distinguish between colors and numbers as they do. Does your child like to build? Check out their Twig collection. Their little minds will be going as they build several different towers. The colors will intrigue them and they will learn a variety of things while playing with this collection.

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