Friday, December 31, 2010

More hot items from 2010 that are still fab for 2011

When you go to shop you probably have one favorite store where you like to go for all of your needs. If I had to choose, I usually go to Costco or Target the most. How could I not? At Target, you have your clothing, where you can find some stylish pieces! You also can get some of your grocery shopping done, as well as toys. I am stuck on some items for kids that were found over the holidays, and I have to share.

Target has a collection of barbies for your little girl. Barbies have been around for so long, and I feel like this year they have gotten even more popular than the past few years. You could also find movies for your kids as well. Which one was on the top of our list for kids?

Toy Story 3. My kids watch this over and over, and it never gets old to them. Have a birthday coming up or need a gift? Target is a great place to find something. You can get a Cupcake Maker for the baker that is dear to your heart, or get them something smelly and get a reed diffuser set.

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