Friday, December 31, 2010

Hot items from LEGO

There were several items that were must-haves for Christmas. The little ones were too young to write a list, but they made it certain what their little hearts desired. If you have children that are older, I am sure you received their two-page list, or more... but there were probably some items on that list that you could actually get for under the tree.
What were some items that were great or are still great to get for your little ones you may ask? We would love to share!

LEGO has a wide variety of toys that are educational and fun for your little ones. They have been around since I was little, and have always been a hit with all the kids. My nephew loves to play with the Star Wars and Harry Potter collections from LEGO. There is a Lego for everyone, and for every age.

One item that is great to have because it is educational is the DUPLO Play with Numbers. You can buy for only $24.99, and is great for the preschool age. My son LOVES it, and being 2-years old, I do not have to worry about the pieces because they are larger. The different colors allows him to learn his colors as well as numbers that are on the Lego pieces. The set comes with child and cat figures, wagon, window and base. They will build for hours, and can learn their numbers 1-10 while doing so. The set has five stars, and has also received the National Parenting Seal of Approval.

Another hot item from LEGO is the The Harry Potter Hogwarts game. Not only do you get to build the game, and be able to change the way it is built, but you also get to play a game with dice! This is not your regular board game. You want to make it through the game and get back with all of your homework to be the winner. The game is only $29.99 and is for ages 7 and up.

Finally, we cannot forget the Hero Factory!  There is so many to choose from, and the Hero's are only $7.99. Let their mind take them away with their Hero's, and they can battle in another world, a world that LEGO makes possible.

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