Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fabulous Jewelry!

I would like to introduce everyone to a fabulous company, Ben-Amun, by Issac Manevitz. The jewelry is fashionable, gorgeous, and great to pair with any holiday outfit or to wear for a night out on the town on New Year's Eve. You will love their products so much that you probably would never want to take them off!

Isaac Manevitz, founded the luxury jewelry brand over 30 years ago. He has several accessories that are very unique, and are an item that you would be able to find twice. He is one hip designer as he is always staying one step ahead of every other jewelry designer. Where did he get the name for the company? He named the company after  his eldest son, Ben, and the King of Isaac's homeland of Egypt, Tutankhamun.
From pins, to beautiful earrings, to dazzling necklaces, and bracelets; you will always be stunned by the beauty of Ben-Amun pieces.

There prices are affordable for a quality made product that is very unique. We have several favorite pieces from this company. Like we said, the designer is always one step ahead of the trend so there is always new items that are on the must-have list for the year. There is a piece for every occasion. Start building your collection today with Ben-Amun, and have pieces of jewelry that will make a statement, and last.

Stay up to date with Ben-Amun on their blog so you can always be one step ahead.

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