Monday, December 13, 2010

Check out Lehla Shop! We love these sneakers!

My daughter loves her shoes. At the age of 4, she is already trying to have a full collection to fill up her closet. What helps her even more is that I love buying her shoes! I cannot get over some how adorable some styles are. Even for my son, I am always looking at shoes because there are so many unique and stylish shoes out there for children now.

If you would really would like to be unique, then you should check out Lehla ShopLisa Hill really puts a special touch to her Graffiti Sneakers. She started Lehla Shop in August 2009. "It began with tutus of all sorts! Each tutu was like a work of art to me!" ~Lisa Hill

Eventually, Lisa started to bring in new items to work on, like the Custom Graffiti Sneakers and her very popular Superhero shirts. "My mind is spinning with all kinds of things that I would like to create! It's never enough for me and my husband thinks it's funny how I am always jumping from one thing to the next!" ~Lisa Hill

I LOVE hearing about the journey of business owners, and how they started to the point they are now in their life. It is always so inspirational to hear. Lisa's favorite item that she makes right now that she sells from her shop is the Graffiti Sneakers. They are also my favorite as well!

"Art expression has always been a part of my life and when I am hand painting each shoe, I can really express myself. I am amazed and in awe at how popular the Graffiti sneakers have become. It really touches my heart to have so many people wanting something I created. I would love to see every little boy and girl wearing them some day! lol!" ~Lisa Hill

Lisa devotes her time into each pair of shoes. She hand paints the shoes with fabric paint and markers. You can purchase online at Lehla Shop on Etsy, and when you make the order be sure you state whether you are buying for a boy or a girl, because the style of the shoe does change. Also, make sure you state your little ones name as well because it will be on the shoe. Your child will love how their shoes are made just for them! You can get Custom Graffiti sneakers for only $40.00, how can you resist?!

Make sure you check out Lehla Shop on Etsy, as well as her blogs, Lehla Shop, and Mompreneur Diaries. Be sure to follow her on Twitter

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