Monday, December 3, 2012

What did you post on December 1, 2011?

The holidays are here! There are so many things to do, and so many things to cherish! There are memories to make, and memories to share. You have plans to make, and food to prepare, and of course the stockings need to be selected with care. Have you finished your shopping? Or are your starting to panic? Stay up to date with us, and we will help you select fabulous items for your loved ones. Just remember one thing, do not forgot to stop, and take a look around. What do you love about the holidays?

Here are 10 things that I just LOVE!

1. Family ~ Of course I love my family ALL the time. They are the love of my life! Being able to be with them on the holidays and share that time with them, watching my little ones open their gifts means so much to me.

2. Giving, yes.... I LOVE to give gifts! I love seeing a person's reaction when they open up the gift. You know what is even better? Try spending just a little more time on wrapping the gift for that special someone. Make your own ribbon, add some extra flare with holiday extras and hear all the ooooos and aaaaaaas.

3. Decorating! I could celebrate the holidays every single day of the year. I love hanging the lights with my husband and my little ones. They definitely take after me and like to decorate the inside and the outside of the house. Their smiles are so precious and is the best part of it all.

4. The smells! I like the cinnamon spice, the fresh pine smell of newly cut Christmas trees, and the fabulous candles and other aromas you can buy for the holidays. Oh, did I forget to mention the luring smell of what is in the oven? Which leads me to...

5. Baking! As if I do not love it any other time, I love it even more. The holidays give you a reason why you can bake, and bake, and bake..... do you know how many holiday recipes there are for sweets and treats? Oh, the list is endless! I do love to bake a cheesecake though, and decorating it is even more fun.

6. Shopping! How can someone not? If you read about my Black Friday Shopping trip you know that I do sound like a shopaholic around the holidays. It is a great time, and always fun to do with family and friends.

7. If I like shopping, then of course I love the deals around the holidays. I have come across some fantastic deals, and keep finding more as we move closer to Christmas. I will be sharing all of these great deals soon!

8. Being with everyone, sitting around the table, thankful for what we have, and enjoying and appreciating everything we have, and everything we made. 

What do you love about the holidays? Please share with us and we will post! Keep them coming! 


Mrs Paul said...

You forgot CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!! ;P

Tia Brumbelow said...

I Love God and the reason for the season :) I also love wish lists from my favorite stores that I can email everyone LOL!!

sara said...

I love the Holiday season...the shopping...the wrapping... the baking and most of all spending time with my family and watching the grandchildren open their gifts and looking for more and saying is that all??

One Stylish Momma said...

I love the exhaustion that comes with the holiday season, and the impractical wish lists from the littles
:-), and yes, I really do mean I love it! Oh yea, and the holiday entertaining is one of my fave's!