Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meet Carolyn West!

Carolyn West is the new addition to Bon Ami. She has entered the company as the Vice President, and has been bringing in new additions to help create new products that would the company's needs for their customers. Carolyn West was a perfect fit for Bon Ami. Her philosophy worked well with the company; efficacy, economy, and ecology. Bon Ami products were used in Carolyn's home by her, and were used by her parents when she was growing up. They admired the simple ingredients in the product that were safe, non-abrasive, and non-toxic

Carolyn's father, Gordon Beaham, bought Bon Ami in 1971 because he adored the integrity of the product, and he saw a great amount of potential for the products and the company. After using the products myself for my home, I have to agree! 

Carolyn's passion was in interactive art and literature projects, but when she moved to Berkeley, California to marry the love of her life and settle down with family, she was inspired. Sustainability, zero waste, healthy farming, healthy food, and a healthy home. At the time, her brothers were in charge at Bon Ami and she asked that they expand their product line to a home collection. Bon Ami was the first to go green, and why not be the first to bring a green house cleaner to the market for everyone to use in their home.

Carolyn West has her own cleaning tips for a variety of areas. Read below for some great advice on sanitizing different areas of your home with Bon Ami.

For the kitchen:

"Canning some of the summer abundance from the farmer's market or your garden is a time tested way of saving money and living well.  Be sure to sterilize glass jars and metal tops before you put up plum jam or carrot pickles. Some of our favorite treats growing up were Mommy's Applesauce Cookies.  For even more fun, she let us make the applesauce from the trees in our yard first, then she let us help with the cookies.  These days my son loves to do the same.  Here's her recipe from the Bon Ami Cookbook." ~Carolyn West  

For the bathroom:

"Be sure to clean your bath mat once a week. It gets more traffic and accumulates more dirt than you might realize." ~Carolyn West

For Laundry:

"Take a down comforter outside on a sunny day and hang it on a clothes line or in another secure place. The fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for both the down and the cotton cover." ~Carolyn West

For the Kids:

"Kids coming home happy and dirty from a day from fun in summer camp? Be sure they take off their shoes outside before they come in the house. That will cut down on the dirt you need to clean, at least from the floor." ~Carolyn West

For General Cleaning:

" In early 19th century Japan, Issa wrote this summer haiku:
Don't worry spiders,
I keep house
(trans. Robert Hass)

Spiders and summer go together. Those little spinners are always ready to defend your house against marauding mosquito's. We love them at our house. But we don't love their abandoned webs. Remember to look in the corners of your rooms, and use a soft brush to sweep away old cobwebs. Summer is a lavender season. If you’re lucky enough to have some in your own garden, or are able to buy the fresh flowers at farmer’s markets, you can dry the fresh flowers at home.  Put them in a pretty vase without water for a week or so and enjoy the color and fresh aroma.  Later you can capture the fragrance in a sachet and keep your linens smelling fresh for months to come. Roll dried blossoms off of the stems.  Put dry lavender blossoms in the center of a square of cheesecloth and tie securely with a pretty bow."~Carolyn West

The Fall brings colder weather, leaves changing colors and falling on the ground, and of course, preparing your house for the cold weather. 

"It's a good idea to get your furnace checked and the ducts clean before the first fall frost. Doing so will cut down on dust and dander in the air and make breathing easier, and healthier, for everyone. Do you have a mud room? How I envy you if you do, especially as the seasons change. Around my house we have a low shelf outside the back door for mud boots, and muddy loafers!"~Carolyn West

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