Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got to get this bag + Save!

More and more you are seeing stores try to sell you a recyclable bag. It has been a huge hit lately and is growing each and everyday, and it should! I am all about the Eco-friendly bags where you can take with you every where to do your shopping. I have so many now because the designs and patterns are getting more stylish each time I see them.

One Eco-friendly bag that I just LOVE is the ECOBAGS Classic String Bag from the Jewel Tone Organic    Collection. The bag comes in five different colors; Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot Green, Dark Topaz, Lapis. They are beautiful colors and are great to use when doing your grocery shopping. Love going to your local farmers market? These are perfect! They are sold as a set of five so you can get one for all of your friends or family for Christmas for only $47.00.

The ECOBAGS are 100% organic cotton, and have been a huge hit. The Jewel Organic tote is one of ECOBAGS #1 sellers. They are very simple to take care of as well. Throw then in the washer using cold water, and hang dry. No scrubbing out the bag like you have to with other Eco-friendly bags.

ECOBAGS started in 1989, and has focused on the same goal since they first started selling their bags. They wanted to make life simple, and wanted to provide Eco-friendly bags that were reusable and were well-made. You can use their Classic String Bag, and it can expand and stretch to hold a good amount of weight. You will be amazed!

Check out this great story that was given to me from ECOBAGS
"I was in Boulder at a conference and met a woman at the farmers market who’d had her string bag (from us) since 1995. This was in 2008! We noticed her bag and told her it was our company that sold it to her and we offered to trade her bag for a new one, which we had with us for shopping. She literally teared up but was thrilled to exchange it for a new one!" ~Ellen Ornato

Want to always know what ECOBAGS is up to? Stay connected by liking their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @ECOBAGSdotCOM

We’re happy to share ECOBAGS Friends & Family code of 10FF20 with your readers. They’ll get 20% off their entire retail purpose (not including tax & shipping) and it expires 12/15/10. 
Be Green!


Mrs Paul said...

I love that bag! Cute find!!

Anonymous said...

Good article. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Thank you.