Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gifts for the Kitchen

Lets start off the Holiday gift guide with some kitchen items! We know there are people who love to receive kitchen products for the holidays, and we have been searching to find quality products that are great to have. My husband appreciates a kitchen item, in fact, he would prefer to receive a gift that could be used in the kitchen. Quality will mean it lasts longer, and in the kitchen, this is important.

Sur la table is a unique kitchen shop to find items for gifts and scratch them off your list. For that special someone who loves to bake, why don't you get them the Sur la table Platinum Professional Bakeware 24-Cup Mini-Muffin Pan. This pan is fantastic! It is solid, and heavy-duty. The commercial-grade aluminized steel provides long lasting durability. The reinforced rims prevent warping like pans of cheaper quality will tend to do. The pan has corrugated texture for even baking, which is great to have when you like to bake. There is clear silicone nonstick coating so your mini cupcakes or muffins do not stick to the pan. Even better, the pan is made from 65% recycled steel! The pan only costs $29.95.

Another item we love that would be a great gift is the Progressive Collapsible Dish Rack. Hey, some people actually do not mind to wash dishes. There are other house chores that are a lot worse. I do not mind cleaning though, and would be thrilled to receive this item as a gift. I try to find items for people that are out of the ordinary, something they would not expect. If you do not have a dish rack then you are constantly using your dish towels, which means more laundry. 

The dish rack will collapse to lay flat when not in use and for easy storage. The rack is very easy to clean, and you can clean up to 15 plates at a time! There is a utensil holder on the side where you can dry your silverware or other kitchen spoons and tongs. The rack is $35.00 and is great for people who have smaller kitchens or just would like to have something to help with drying their dishes.
The OXO Pullthru Paper Towel Holder is an item that would be good to pick up for people who have limited kitchen space. I am all about trying to be organized and open up more space, especially on the kitchen counter tops. The paper towel holder gives you that needed space to be able to cook for friends and family. It is made of stainless steel and plastic and is dishwasher safe. Buy today for $25.00.

Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon!

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