Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Shop til you drop! Well, I can say that I definitely did that on Black Friday. It was a great shopping trip that my mom, sister, and I enjoyed as we went from store to store. Why stop when there is one more deal within hands reach?! It is something we do every year. We grab our coffee, get dolled up, and head out to find those must-have items for our loved one, and of course snag a few things here and there for ourselves. Tis the season!

The night before we plan. We figure out what time we are leaving, what time we are waking up, where we are going first. If it was anything like last year, we wanted to have some type of plan to stick to. Black Friday shopping is basically a tradition that we do, our time to our self to get out, have fun, and purchase for our friends and family.This year, we set a new record. We woke up at 3:30 am. We are not the ones who go hit the midnight madness or stand in line for hours before the store opens up. However, we are the ones who go go go.

We were out the door a little after 4 am and were listening to Christmas music as we cruised down the road. All I could keep thinking of is the Target lady from the commercials because we were all so excited to be going shopping. I know, I know, some people just do not get the black Friday shopping. A few question what could be worth all chaos in a store with people trying to snatch the last hot item? Well, everything! I get to share an entire day with my mom and sister as we get our holiday shopping started and close to done.

As we entered Kohl's and Target in the beginning, I was shocked. Compared to last year it seemed empty. There were definitely other people shopping, but last year every single store we walked into, we were not walking out quite as quick. The lines were very long, and we had to wait some time to pay for our products. This year, the lines were short and quick. Well, except for one store.

We did more shopping at nearby stores, and then decided it was time for the mall. We were doing great, making great time hitting all the stores before their blowout deals ended, but for some reason, we thought we would stroll into Macy's. Now, I am not a frequent shopper of Macy's, but on Black Friday, they do have some awesome deals on their house ware items. Just do not plan on using their coupons they have sent out to you. Pretty much all of their items are one sale, and when they have been discounted so much, you cannot combine their coupon with that sale. As we stood, and stood, and stood, and stood... I could go on forever with that, we realized that many people were not happy once they arrived at the register. In addition, I also realized that just because a line says it is "Express," does not mean it fast. Macy's opened up Express lines and the associate ended up being told to go on break because the line was at a stand still.

Finally! We were through the line and out the door. Now, do not get me wrong, I know what is ahead of me when going black Friday shopping, but usually, the lines do move at a certain pace. The one in Macy's did not, at all. Then we were on to more store...H&M, Gymboree, Crazy 8, Gap, Kirkland's, Nordstrom, and many more. We finally headed out of the mall, and decided that we should keep shopping!

Last year we finished around 3 pm. This year, we went two hours later than that and make a new record! It was fun, we laughed a lot, and I cannot wait to do it all over again with my mom and sister next year. The expedition was packed, and it was very amusing when one of us had to sit in the backseat.

I hope everyone else had a great time, and we would LOVE to hear about it. Share your black Friday shopping experience with us, and we would love to feature on Chic Style Modern! Send it to us!


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I didn't do any black friday shopping this year. I didn't need anything. I've decided that I don't need to go shopping unless there I have a need.

sara said...

So true Stef....I can't wait to go again next year. Loved being with my girls!!

One Stylish Momma said...

Black Friday shopping was awesome! I am counting down the days until we get to do it again :-)