Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shopping Tip

Upgrading your home can always be a stressful project, but it does not have to be. I can say though, once you get started with one area, you will want to revamp everything! It can be addicting because you will always be looking into designer magazines and online to see what the new home trends are.

Flooring can be rather expensive. This is usually a tough selection for many because they want to purchase something that will look nice and be comfortable. We LOVE upgrading with modern floor types. I mean your choices are endless; tile, carpet, cork, bamboo, hardwood, laminate, concrete... and now interlocking floor. When you think of interlocking floor you think of the packs that you can get with the Alphabet or numbers that you can put in your kids playroom. Well now there so many options for this type of flooring. You can select any color, there is never an issue when having to clean, you do not need any type of underlayment which saves you money, and it can be found much cheaper than your other flooring options! Now I am a fan of all types of floor, but for revamping a basement floor, all that comes to my mind is fun, fresh, and modern! I think a basement should be vibrant and fun for kids of all ages, because if you are anything like most parents, the toys for kids and adults are in the basement.

Check out this great company, Get Rung. They have several options at a great price you just will not find anywhere else!

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