Friday, August 27, 2010

Glowology + Noodle & Boo

Glowology states that there are only six things that everyone should know about them. They believe in being glorious; their products must be able to do the job and the results must be "phenomenal." Glowology also believes in goodness. They do not want their products to have harmful ingredients. Their products are clinically tested with "naturally-derived, plant based ingredients free of dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde donors, GMO's, triclosan, PPG's and synthetic preservatives..." ~Glowology

Glowology also believes in being Green; being no animal ingredients except for beeswax, wildflower honey and milk. Their products are environmentally friendly. Glowology believes in giving, to make everything so much sweeter. Finally, the last two are glamorous and girlfriends.

Glowology is glamorous for the products they   make, and they are loved by many celebrities. Share your fabulous products with everyone so that they can enjoy the same benefits as everyone should.
One of our favorite products is the Sugar Mama Honey Scrub. If you would like to relax, jump in the tub and use the scrub. You will realize that smooth skin does not have to only be desired. You will fall in love with this product, that exfoliates your skin while leaving the much needed moisture. You can purchase online at Glowology for only $26.00, and you will receive an 8 oz. jar. If you would like to share with a friend or family member, this would be great to save and wrap for a gift. They will love it, and you will turn them into a Glowology addict as well.

Fabulous products for your little ones can be found at Noodle & Boo. Always on the go? Your little one does not have to suffer from the harsh shampoos and body washes on their delicate skin. Purchase the Noodle & Boo Essential Care Kit for only $15.00. Your set will come with Extra Gentle Shampoo, Soothing Body Wash, and Super Soft Lotion. This is also safe to use on your little one if they have sensitive skin. Each container is 2 oz.

Not only does Noodle & Boo take great care in their products for your little ones, but they also sell a reed diffuser that smells fabulous! I love reed diffusers, but many times I end up buying them and I can never actually smell them. This one is great! There is no over powering smell but you know it is there. Purchase online for only $36.00, and love the smell of your home.

Noodle & Boo is inspired by LOVE... you will always know that you are buying products from a company that takes extra care when it comes to their products, because the founder, Christine Burger, focused on her children's needs when creating.


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