Thursday, August 26, 2010

Special Edition!

Keurig has been a big hit with many people. The convenience of their Home Brewers has made it a huge hit for many people. In a matter of seconds, you are able to enjoy a cup of coffee, or a cold ice tea to take with you when you are on the go.
"Keurig is derived from the Dutch word for excellence." ~Keurig
The company has been able to create their products and ensures that excellence is what their products will bring. The variety of coffee, iced or hot, as well as other beverages gives you so many options when it comes to the flavor.

"Keurig is not the leading single-cup brewing system in North-America for both At Home and Away From Home." ~Keurig

I know making a pot of coffee is very simple, and usually does not take that long to do, however, I am not a fan. I am never one to prepare my coffee pot the night before, therefore when I wake up in the morning for my coffee it is always such a chore! The Keurig Special Edition Brewing System makes my life very simple. Rather than waiting for the coffee pot to brew my coffee, I can be enjoying it with my Keurig!

The Brewing System is Keurig's mid-luxury home brewing system that is stylish and functional. You will not be ashamed to have your system sitting on your counter. With the Special Edition system you will have have features such as the chrome accents and the blue back lit LCD display. There are three brewing sizes for your preference as well. Want a cold beverage? Throw some ice in your cup and press brew, and voila! You have an iced coffee! No more having to run out to Starbucks or other shops for your beverage because you can now make them on your own. You can purchase the Special Edition Brewing System for only $139.95.

I like to make my iced coffee with the the Green Mountain French Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups. It is very simple:

1. Fill a 16-oz cup with ice and place under the brewer.
2. Choose either the 6 or the 8-oz button.
3. Hit the Brew button...
4. Add cream, milk, or sugar to your liking!

There are several brands of coffee to choose from that can be purchased either online at Keurig or in several different stores. I like Bold coffees, and I have fallen in love with French Vanilla. Green Mountain, Timothy's, and Gloria Jean's. I love all the brands, but The Donut House Collection also has a great selection of K-Cups as well. If you love tea, Celestial Seasonings has a great variety that you can enjoy at the push of a button.

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