Sunday, August 15, 2010


Mutsy carries a variety of products; from booster seats called the grow-up! to their Easygrow high chair collection and of course strollers. Many people LOVE Mutsy for their fabulous strollers known as the 4rider, 4rider next, 4rider light, transporter, and easyrider. There is a product for all of your needs, from feeding to on the go.

I am thrilled to announce that Mutsy has now created the Duoseat! It still has the functionality of the other products, but now is customized for two little ones!  
"Chester, New Jersey - (July 2010) - Netherlands based Mutsy, recognized for its modernistic stroller designs featuring a distinctive modular, flexible system, introduces the Mutsy Duoseat, a front and rear seating unit that can be used with their popular Mutsy 4rider stroller chassis." ~Mutsy

The front seat is perfect for kids ages 6 months and older, while the rear seat is great for ages birth and up. The benefit of the rear seat for the baby is that there are four recline settings which is perfect so your infant could be up further for feedings, or laying back comfortably for a nap. This makes it very convenient for parents so that they are able to still go to their favorite shops and get their errands done. Mutsy has thought about the needs of Parents when creating their products, and it shows in the modern design as well as the functionality of their products. The Duoseat without the chassis starts at $199, varying upon retailer. The Duoseat with the Chassis has a recommended retail value of $599, but once again, can vary upon retailers. 

One of my favorite products is the Mutsy grow-up! This seat is great for your toddler as they are growing up. It is difficult to find a seat for your older ones, especially ones that are modern and still comfortable. Booster seats can be unattractive, hard, and just not functional. If this is the case, your little one may not want to sit and eat all of their meal because their rear end could be hurting. The grow-up has a flexible seat that provides the much needed comfort, and is able to hook onto your dining room or kitchen chair. The harness that comes with the seat will keep your child safe in their seat, so you do not have to worry about them falling out. This seat is great for kids up to the age of 4.

The seat comes in six differnt colors. Choose your own color for your own style. I love Apple myself, but if that is not your preference, there is also Mandarin, Aqua, Blueberry, Nut, and Raspberry. Buy online at Mutsy for only $59.99. Watch the Mutsy Video to learn more about the seat.

Stay up to date with news and more product information with Mutsy on their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @mutsycollection.

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