Saturday, August 14, 2010

Comfort 4 your little ones.

It can be tough when looking for shoes for your little ones. You want style and comfort all in one. You have to pay attention to your child's foot because a shoe that is too narrow, or a shoe that is too large can hurt their foot and we do not want to do that to our little ones' feet!

What I like best is there are so many different styles and colors and patterns for girls and boys. You can choose from their Originals, Grip 'N' Go, or their Flex. The Originals feature the soft cushioned leather footwear that will provide your infants and toddlers the protection they need when crawling and learning to walk. The Grip 'N' Go footwear is the next level of pediped footwear system that allows your toddler to walk in comfort, as well as providing the flexibility little ones need for their foot to grow. The Flex, which I am a fan of for their styles, and selection, are the last stage of pediped footwear system. This shoe also features a rubber sole, and has the flexibility as well for their foot to grow and move around. The soft leather of the shoes is great for providing the support they need. 

"Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association; pediped Flex is a smart choice for  parents concerned about the long term development of their children's feet." ~pediped

The Phoebe Sandal in White is my fave! Summer is not over yet, and these sandals will look fabulous with any dress, jean shorts, or leggings. My daughter can not get enough of them, and they are perfect to wear to any event. They are the Flex Footwear, and they also feature the Memory Foam Technology that provides even more comfort to their foot when they are running around. They have a very flexible sole which allows for movement of the foot which enables a healthy foot growth.
Phoebe - Gold (Flex)Phoebe - Pink (Flex)Phoebe - White (Flex)
Believe me, you will not be able to make up your mind when selecting that perfect shoe for your little one. Don't worry, select a few pairs and they will last you a long time and you will know that they will provide your child the comfort and support they need as they grow. 
Their New Arrivals are also here, and just in time for Back to School!
Here are a few of my favorites...

Carrie - Red Leather (Boot)Elizabeth - Black (boot)Jimmy - Choc Brown & Orange (Flex)

Boots, Boots, Boots! I LOVE boots for a little girl's wardrobe! They provide the much needed comfort and support, as well as keeping their little toes warm in the Fall and Winter. The sneakers are great for little boys to run around at school.

What style do you like the best?

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