Friday, June 4, 2010

Digital TEA Thermometer & Timer

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"We are the specialists in time and temperature. CDN is the only company focused solely on this category. Because of this, we offer the broadest assortment of thermometers and timers on the market, with superior customer service, product innovation, quality and value." ~ CDN

I have always made tea, and still do to this day. My husband loves making tea as well and his favorite is sun tea. When we go to make it though, you never really know what is the exact strength you like. You basically look at the tea color and assume that it is done. You can never get the tea the same exact flavor. Well now you can! 

This innovative TEA Thermometer & Timer allows you to get the exact strength for your tea each and every time. There is no more guessing involved. You can now set the device for which type of tea and how strong you would like your beverage. 

The Tea thermometer & timer gives you the choice of eight different brew strengths. You can achieve that perfect taste each and every time. It is pre-programmed for 18 types of loose, ball, or bagged tea. Pre-programmed settings can be used best with black, green, herbal, earl grey, fruit, brozh, booln, chi, china, dajel, gooln, jeaeo, japan, jasmine, pooch, peuht, roott and white teas.

If you like to be creative with your tastes, you are able to customize the settings for a variety of concoctions. There are so many options for so many tastes!

Purchase online at Chef's Resource, Kitchen Kaboodle, and Kitchen Kapers. Suggested retail price is $19.99.

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