Friday, January 11, 2013

Hairdo by HairUWear

Happy New Year from Hairdo by HairUWear! Celebrate 2013 with a different hairstyle. Choose one of the hottest looks from below and tell your readers how you can get them – without ever stepping into a salon, or cutting a stand of hair – Clip-In Extensions: 

Ponytails: To get Jenny McCarthy’s look, try wearing a low, parted and pulled back pony. Add in volume and length to any ordinary ponytail with Hairdo by HairUWear’s18” Beach Curl Pony and Wrap Around Straight Pony ($49 each: available at

Ombre hair: If you have a non-committal relationship with your hair, clip-in extensions are a quick and easy solution to achieving ombre, like Jessica Alba’s. Hairdo by HairUWearOmbre Clip-In Extensions ($ are a multi-level, 16” clip-in that not only gives you dazzling length, but delivers the graduated effect seen on glam, trend-setting starlets everywhere.

Braids:Julianne Hough’s braid is theultimate flirty touch to any look. This delicate band transforms any hairstyle into a chic, fashionable statement. Try the Hairdo by HairUWearFrench Braid Band ($10:

Thank you to Hairdo by HairUWear for sharing with us!

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