Friday, September 14, 2012

From our Friends at Kiss My Face

Achieving a healthy and beautiful smile doesn’t have to come at a steep price, thanks to Kiss My Face’s new Whitening Anti Cavity Toothpaste.  Kiss My Face is now offering its naturally fresh formula in a toothpaste in addition to their successful gel formulations that include Whitening, Whitening with Fluoride,Sensitive and Triple Action Gel.

Kiss My Face Whitening Anti Cavity Toothpaste

·        Organic Aloe Vera heals and soothes

·        Tea Tree cleanses and acts as an antiseptic

·        Contains Olive Leaf Extract, Iceland Moss, Peppermint Oil and Xylitol for a healthy mouth and gums

·        Free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

·        Contains Iceland Moss, a natural whitening agent

The Kiss My Face Whitening Anti Cavity Toothpaste is available for $5.95 at Whole Foods, Natural Supermarkets and   

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