Monday, September 3, 2012


Never heard of Buy Provence? Well here is a little background information before we get started.
"Provence is a region that covers the south east of France up to the frontier with Italy. It is bordered on the south by the Mediterranean and thus corresponds today, essentially, to the modern administrative region of “Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur”.

Known world-wide for its history, its climate, its extraordinary countryside, and its culture, Provence welcomes each year seven million tourists, of whom more than 300,000 are American holiday-makers.

Nice, Avignon, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Arles, etc… are towns and villages that represent the history of a region inhabited from Paleolithic times more than a million years ago.

Its typical Mediterranean climate has allowed Provence to develop, over the centuries, a significant agricultural base, the majority of whose products have a worldwide reputation due to their exceptional quality. Lavender, olives, flowers, aromatic herbs, perfumes…have given local artisans and producers the opportunity to create a multitude of specialties in the fields of cosmetics, food service/dining, decoration and wellbeing.

Natives of the city of Grasse, the world capital of perfume, Elise and Jean-Christophe have taken the decision to allow you to discover and share these specialties via our online boutique

With more than 600 products offered, and soon more than 2,500, we offer you the greatest selection in North America of products of Provence.

The producers of these items that we offer you, rigorously selected by us, are committed to providing articles of the highest quality, made by hand and with respect for nature and the environment.

The majority of our suppliers have assigned to us exclusively their distribution in the United States in order to guarantee their image and that of their products, which deserve a protected and cared-for environment." ~The Team BUYPROVENCE

The products are great. If you have damaged or dry skin then you must try their Organic Cold Cream. Washing the dishes so much your hands are dry? Or maybe your child does have dry skin more often. This cold cream works great.
Another item we love is their cleansing lotion. This is great to keep by your changing station if you have a little one in diapers. How many times do you change your little one's diapers and there is a rash? This is great to use and it is organic!
Another item is the princess body wash. This is natural and eco-friendly and certified organic. So you can rest assured this is safe and great to use for your little princess while in the shower. When your little ones have sensitive skin you just cannot use anything. Your daughter will love the strawberry smell!


Finally, a product we love is the Natural Repair collection for adults. Repair any cracked or dry skin with this collection and you will be amazed! Allergen and paraben free and will help to heal your skin the natural way.
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