Friday, August 10, 2012

Transform your Outdoors into an Oasis by Dover Rugs

How to Transform Your Outdoor Area into an Oasis

Just picture it: guests lounging on wicker benches while sipping tall glasses of lemonade, kids playing in the backyard under strings of twinkling lights, friends and family laughing outdoors on a warm summer evening. Summer is definitely made for outdoor entertaining, but if you think your outdoor space is a little lacking, don’t worry. It’s easy to transform your backyard or patio into an enchanting oasis with a few simple decorating tips. 

With an outdoor space, creating a comfortable environment is essential, but this can often be challenging. Decorative pillows in fun patterns can add pizzazz and coziness, but one of the easiest solutions to creating a welcoming area is to decorate with an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs bring a little bit of warmth and hominess outdoors and make it easy to enjoy time outside in bare feet without worrying about splinters from the deck. Outdoor rugs are also an affordable and effortless way to make the outdoors more chic; pick a rug in a bold pattern or exciting print to incorporate some style outside. 

When it comes to shape, forget the standard rectangle and try something more interesting, like a circle or octagon. Feel free to go for a rug that’s a little more out of the ordinary when decorating outside, since the outdoors call for a more casual and relaxed feel than inside the home. Outdoor rugs can take your simple outdoor space into a comfortable, unique, inviting living space. Whichever design or shape you choose, make sure the rug material is durable enough to brave the elements and is resistant to mold and mildew as well as sun exposure. A simple way to ensure that the rug’s colors stay long-lasting and vibrant against the sun is to pick an outdoor rug that has yarn with the highest UV resistance value, such as solution-dyed yarns, to endure the sun’s powerful rays.

However you choose to decorate your outdoor area, it should be a place where you want to spend time. Disappearing to your backyard or patio should be like taking a mini-vacation without ever leaving your property, where each time you step outside—and place your feet on a snug outdoor rug— you are transported to your own tranquil sanctuary. Outdoor areas really are perfect for putting your feet up, enjoying time with friends and family, and savoring those lazy summer days.

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