Thursday, June 7, 2012

World's Finest Coffees

I love coffee. I love tasting the different brands, and I really love the coffee from J. Martinez & Company. This is a company that offers Gourmet Speciality Coffee. Every now and then you need finer things in life, and why not start with your coffee. Give your tongue a taste of royalty with their delicious flavors. Before we get into the coffee we love, let's get to know a little more about the company and how they got started.

"1988 - John A. Martinez introduces single-estate coffees to consumers. Drawing on his experience as a grower in his native Jamaica, John Martinez came up with a unique marketing concept -- offering premium "estate" coffees. Up until 1988, connoisseurs of coffee in North America and Europe had to be satisfied with knowing the country of origin and, perhaps, the region within the country where the coffee was grown. Martinez identifies estates where a combination of soil, climate, topography and cultural practices gives the beans a taste and aroma as distinctive as those of a fine burgundy. J. Martinez & Company serves as a 'negociant' to the coffee estates it selects in the same way that 'negociants' represent the top wine growers of France. Buying the pick of their crop and importing directly from the estates overseas, Martinez ensures the integrity of each estate's production.

On November 30th, 1988 John A Martinez and his wife Melanie established J. Martinez & Company, Coffee Merchants. The original location on Atlanta's historic Peachtree Road was a turn-of-the-century emporium which featured on-site coffee roasting. From there, top quality beans were shipped daily to mail-order customers nationally. Stressing "freshness", John Martinez makes another innovation -- roasting only on the day of shipment. To ensure that customers receive their coffee in optimum condition, coffee is roasted in small batches on the day of shipment. This J. Martinez & Company 'first' was swiftly imitated by other mail-order suppliers.

Since our inception in 1988, J. Martinez & Company has been certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica as an Approved Importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. The Coffee Industry Board is charged with maintaining both the quality and the reputation of Jamaica's world famous coffee. The Certification of Approved Importers is part of a system of controls which are rigorously enforced by the C.I.B. in an effort to ensure the product gets to the end-user in the consumer nation intact. We are one of six Approved Importers in the United States.

J. Martinez & Company is invited to participate and provide Caribbean coffees and materials illustrating coffee cultivation in the West Indies as part of the Caribbean Festival Arts exhibit held at the Smithsonian Institutes's S. Dillon Ripley Center between June 3, 1989 and February 15, 1990. J. Martinez & Company's Caribbean Coffees are offered for sale in the museum store.

J. Martinez Packaging1990 - J. Martinez & Company's packaging garners "Excellence Award" in the 40th annual competition of the National Paperbox & Packaging Association. The packaging was designed by David Taylor Design Consultants of London, England, who had deployed their creative skills successfully for clients like Cartier, Dunhill and Seagrams. This was the first award won by J. Martinez & Company's luxury packaging.

When John Martinez introduced "estate" coffees, growers were granted recognition to growers by naming their estates. In 1991 he was invited by Costa Rica's respected national authority, the Instituto del Cafe, to address their 5th International Coffee Week. Sintercafe is a prestigious forum attended by both producers and buyers which forms part of the international coffee calendar. John Martinez presented his unique marketing concept -- estate coffees -- and he called for stricter labelling regulations to protect the integrity of the world's premium coffees."

Now back to the Fine Coffee! One of our favorites is the Mocha Java Private Reserve No. 227. If you are a fan of a coffee that is smooth and rich, then this is for you. J. martinez & Company recommends that this coffee is best for after dinner. I know there are days when I need something delicious after dinner, and this smooth roast is perfect. "Blended in the traditional way from our Yemen Mattari and Aged Sumatra Mandheling." Here is a fun fact provided by J. Martinez & Company. This was the first coffee blend in the world!

Another one of our favorites is the Sumatra Mandheling Pawani Private Reserve. I think this is very unique and extra special because it is aged for 18-24 months in a warehouse in Sumatra, and is a rare coffee. You will get a mouth full of flavors with this smooth tasting coffee. Here is a unique fact about this coffee; it has the lowest acidity of any coffee J. Martinez & Company offers. Plus, I'm a fan of dark roast so this coffee is perfect for my taste buds!

Have you heard about their Jamaica Blue Mountain Clifton Mount Estate? The name alone is lovely and very intriguing! This coffee has been the world's "most prized" coffee for over 100 years! Once you taste this delicious coffee you know why. If you are like me then you like to use sugar or creamer in your coffee. I have never been one to be able to drink coffee black. However, after reviewing the information on the site, and stating how this coffee is very "smooth" I decided to give it a try. Just like J. Martinez & Company stated, "it is so well-balanced that even those of us used to adulterating our coffee with sugar or milk will find that this coffee is supremely smooth when drunk black."

So how could you resist the temptation of trying a fine coffee from J. Martinez & Company. Head over there and see which brand you would select. If you have a second you can even connect with them on Twitter @MartinezCoffees, and on Facebook to find out more about the World's Finest Coffees.  

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