Wednesday, May 16, 2012

golly gee-peers!

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso has launched a national campaign for golly gee-peers! Love the name, catchy and cute. Still wondering what the company sells though? The company sells Table Manner Card Games! I LOVE it! The cards are very simple yet still appealing to your child.

I love the idea of the manner card game. How many of you take your kids out and they get antsy while sitting at the table? Waiting for the appetizers and the kids meals can seem like a lifetime to our little ones. Why not let them play a game to have fun and learn good manners!

So how did golly gee-peers come about? "Several years ago when I was picking up my daughter from a sleep over I asked if she had behaved. The father replied, "yes, but she chews her food like a horse!" He demonstrated this with wide-mouthed chomping followed by a kind chuckle. I knew this family well so, I was not offended. However, I did realize something had to be done. I went home and quickly drew some silly sketches with captions and corresponding thumbs-up or thumbs-down illustrations, put them inside zip lock sandwich bags and "ta-da!" Table Manners Cards were born. In very little time my daughter was using her good table manners in anticipation of receiving thumbs-up cards and consciously avoiding the thumbs-down cards. When we added Mom and Dad or a play date into the game the friendly competition resulted in a dining experience even Emily Post would have approved of. Since then, I have had a second daughter and she has been equally "inspiring." With the encouragement of family and friends I decided to produce my card game and put it on the market. Thanks to the cooperation of local orthodontist and pediatric groups I was able to survey parents, grandparents and caregivers and later put the game through a series of focus groups. My goal was not to simply get the game on the market but to provide a useful tool that would address table manners in the moment they occur. This had to be done in a way that would enhance not diminish the meal time experience and of course be fun. It took an honest parent with humor, a thick skinned one with imagination and a developing child to bring this game to fruition. I hope that your family will play it, enjoy it and benefit from it."~Staci Ericson, Creator/Owner

Truly inspiring how Staci took her motivation for wanting to teach her daughter good manners, to reaching out to kids everywhere! I know my husband and I like to teach our 5-year old daughter and 4-year old son good manners. Of course there are a few that my son always likes to say; "No farting at the table and no burping at the table." Yes, those are important too! I like how they are able to tell me all the time what good manners are. However, I do think this card game is awesome to have because it keeps your children engaged, and they are understanding what is the difference between good and bad manners.

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(All photos were provided by golly gee-peers!)

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