Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dress Up That Wipe Container

Tired of the same old generic looking wipe case? Want to spruce it up a bit with color and patterns? Why should you have a boring case for your wipes during the summer when it is all about the glam and the color? Show your wipe case some love with LiLicouture.

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso is spreading the  love about this brand. Make your wipe container unique and glamorous with LiLicouture! "Our Company enjoys taking an everyday item and making it simply unique by incorporating a designer flare of fashion to accommodate many different tastes. With constant attention to detail in our products, we are proud to bring you a line of chic, stylish baby wipe containers & changing mats that are quickly proving to exceed the needs of mom's.and dad's...everywhere.

Tracy Chaix, an entrepreneur and an accomplished interior designer, credits her role as a mother to her three boys, Jonah, Brady and Logan, as well as the lifestyle of the California coast, for being the driving force behind her designs. Chaix studied business communications and interior design, and spent several years in the Business industry, before turning her attention to motherhood." ~LiLiCouture

I LOVE the Simply Shayna wipe container collection. The stripes are beautiful and I love the colors. They pop and it is a wipe container you will never want to put away! No more stashing your wipe container behind a door, you will lay it out for people to see. 

Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary! If you are looking for something different, browse through their collections for another color or pattern. There are styles for boys, girls, and gender neutral. You will have a tough time when pick one or pick several.

Which style will you choose?

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