Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Launches Campaign for Wordsation

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso is promoting Wordsation. "Wordsation offers baby fashion in a unique way. We find artists from around the world to create original artwork for our decorated onesies. We feature new onesie designs every month, available individually or as a year long subscription as baby grows." ~Wordsation

Before we start looking over these adorable onesies, let's take a second to connect with the fabulous owner of the company. I love the idea of connecting designers with the world of onesies to get a great looking design for your little one to wear!

"I was six months pregnant when the idea for Wordsation began to form. I had attended several baby showers and was also working on my own registry for baby essentials. In a few short months I became an expert on newborn baby stuff - learning from experienced moms to differentiate between the things I would really need and, well, all the rest!

Boy is "all the rest" cute! My baby showers were so special; opening each gift as we all oohed and ahhed over tiny socks and tiny jumpers. I was left with an overwhelming feeling of wanting to make my own contribution to this special time in a woman's life. With this in mind, Wordsation strives to curate artwork from artists who share in our excitement for creating designer baby fashion for your tiny treasure
." ~Naomi Catalina, Wordsation Co-Founder

Now that we know how the company started and what it is, let's check out those onsies!!! One of my faves is the Dolls Collection by Katherine Streeter. Now when you do go to order the onsies, you have options. You can order the onsie subscription, or purchase one onesie. If you choose the onesie subscription for the Dolls Collection, you will receive Lola in Newborn size, Grace in a 6 month size, and Harper in a 12 month size. These onsies are 100% cotton rib knit with three reinforced snap closures. Or, you could get 100% organic cotton rib knit onesie with three reinforced snap closures. I LOVE the subscription idea!!!

Check out Wordsation's other collections too! They are all adorable! You can choose the Sea Creatures by Joel Nakamura, Heros by Katherine Streeter, or Plants by Annie Wilkinson. They all have the option to buy as a subscription or as a single purchase. Plan ahead though and have your onsies shipped to you as your child gets older!

Be sure to connect with Wordsation on Twitter @Wordsation, and become a fan on their Facebook page!

All pictures were provided by Wordsation.


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those are too adorable!

Naomi @Wordsation said...

Thanks so much for the great review!