Thursday, March 1, 2012

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As part of her Let’s Move Initiative that aims to increase physical activity among Americans, First Lady Michelle Obama was touring the nation engaging talk show hosts to join her for a quick workout.  She challenged Jimmy Fallon to join her in some nontraditional exercises that offered a fun alternative to a traditional workout, but just how effective are they?  American Council on Exercise Director of Professional Education, Anthony Wall, weighs in on whether these activities will show results.

-          Push-ups – This no equipment necessary exercise is tried and true when it comes to strengthening the chest, shoulders, arms, and core.  The key to success with this exercise is making sure you are using correct form, and choosing the variation that best fits your current ability.  Here are some pointers on performing the perfect push-up.

-          Tug-of-war – A great overall conditioning activity, especially for children and adolescents, tug-of-war is a fun exercise the whole family can enjoy.  You’ll feel the workout in your forearms, back, legs and core the most, and the longer you “tug,” the more exercise you’ll get.  Engage in a friendly battle once or twice a week.  

-          Hula Hoops – Hula hooping has become so popular, that ACE conducted a study to test how effective it really is.  The results found that hooping helps improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle conditioning and balance.  Plus, the calorie burn is comparable to that from step aerobics or even cardio kickboxing!

-          Dodgeball – An excellent example of an effective group fitness activity, dodgeball helps keep kids and adults alike healthy and strong.  You’ll test your balance, coordination and agility in this game, and workout your competitive spirit too.

-          Potato sack race – This a great activity that’s going to work your heart, your lower body and your balance. Short fast hops or longer big steps change the feel of the game and are part of the strategy.

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