Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teva Fuse-Ions

Spring is right around the corner!!! I'm so excited not only for the gorgeous weather of course, but also the shoes! Changing from Winter to Spring means warmer weather....which means you will be taking off those layers! Bare your arms, your legs, and step into flip-flops, sandals, and Tevas!

Teva has a new style called the Fuse-Ion. This shoe comes in three different colors; black, grey morn, and red. One more thing, they are so comfortable!!! There are times when I love throwing on a strappy sandal, and other times when you need to throw on your Tevas. I have little ones and they are always on the go, so why shouldn't we have a comfortable shoe to throw on to run around with them?

"We spend an awful lot of time around people that live for adventure. When we asked them for the biggest problem with high-performance shoes, we kept hearing the same one: "I can't wear them to the bar." So, what'd we do? We designed a shoe that they would gladly wear to the bar, then we figured out a way to make it the highest performing water shoe ever built. No big deal." ~Teva 

More specific details are below described on the Teva site:

Our Spider Rubber + JStep outsole will stick to a grease-covered aluminum ramp (true story). Wet rocks won't be a problem.
Drain Frame™ sheds water like a sieve, keeping your sandals dry and light
The perforations in the sole were done with freakin' laser beams (no sharks though)
Synthetic upper

*So which color Teva Fuse-Ions will you be getting?*

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