Thursday, February 2, 2012

Liv & Lily

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert Rachel Florio-Urso has launched a campaign for Liv & Lily, a Baby and Child Boutique. There products are oh-so chic and fabulous! As a chic mama you always love to accessorise. So why should your little ones not do the same? Liv & Lily is your go to boutique for all of your child's needs.

Their new online store is opening February 6.....let's all give them a round of applause! That is such an exciting time for them, and for you! You are now able to visit their site and read more about them and buy their accessories at the same time. I just LOVE their headbands! They are gorgeous and perfect for any occasion. Their Olivia Collection may be one of my favorites. Guess what, they fit toddlers and even adults. So if you are looking at them and thinking, "Wow, that would go so well with my outfit...." well don't be shy and get yourself one too!

(All pictures were provided by Liv & Lily.)
When you go to purchase you can select the color headband and which crystals you like. I love how you are given the choice! So make sure to keep an eye out for the new online store coming soon, and be sure to like them on their Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @Liv_&_Lily.

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Liv and Lily said...

Thank you, we're very excited to launch our site! Thank you for such lovely words!