Monday, February 6, 2012

Little Looster

Celebrity baby trend expert Rachel Florio-Urso has been spreading the news about Little Looster. This is a Mom invented product that has been getting so much exposure because how creative it is! When it comes to potty training your child there are times when they have the fear that they may fall in. With the Little Looster you child can feel safe because they have something that is all around the toilet.

Another benefit is that when you, the Mommy or Daddy needs to go to the bathroom, you do not need to move the Little Looster. It is hugs the toilet and is out of your way! I do not know how many times that I had to move the stools that my kids were using because they stuck out. I just could not get around it. The Little Looster is an amazing product, and parents and media everywhere are raving about the features and simplicity.

Your little ones will love how they have a Little Looster. My son has been potty trained for a while now, but even at the age of three he loves it. He tells me over and over how he cannot fall down, and every time he goes in and out of the bathroom he is telling me about it. Every mom should have this in their bathroom once they start the potty training stage. 

Make sure you follow @LoosterMama on Twitter and like Little Looster on their Facebook page. Have you ordered your Little Looster yet?

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