Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cool Gear for the Entire Family!

How many of you travel a lot for work or for other reasons? Are there certain items that you use everytime you travel? Well I have a new item for you! Cool Gear! Their Go Gear Travel Tubes are airline carry-on approved, easy to fill, and squeezable! They also come in really hot colors too! When using shampoo and conditioner, a plastic container does not always do the trick. You are not always able to get all of the liquid out because you are not able to squeeze most containers. With Cool Gear you can and you know you can reach every last drop!

(Picture provided by Cool Gear Inc.)

You can choose from a 3 pack assorted or a 3 pack of 3oz tubes. All of their products are super stylish and modern, and I think every stylish mommy needs to have some Cool Gear in their life! Whether you are traveling or just going to sit and watch your child play soccer, you need to make sure you have the necessities to be cool. Their EZ-Freeze Hydration Bottles are on that list. You are able to freeze the stick so that you can have your drinks always cold. The bottles are shatter resistant and BPA free! How could you not love these since they come in all different sizes and colors! You can get one for everyone in the family.
(Picture provided by Cool Gear Inc.)

My little ones just LOVE their kids products. Check out their containers for cereal, snacks, or cookies on the go! They are innovative and fun! When you are a kid those are the best products for a kid! 

(Picture provided by Cool Gear Inc.)

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