Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A.B.S. Watches for Valentine's Day

I'm thinking ahead to Valentine's Day now, are you? Now is the time to start hinting to your loved ones about what you would like to open! Yes, I do love surprises....but I'm sure you have had presents that you returned the very next day. Don't be shy, you can raise your hand. Many women have been there and will tell you about their worst gift experience.

Now you can invite them to read my next few posts. I will be bringing to your attention a few brands that are a must have! First up is A.B.S. watches. The style, the quality, and the variety of watches is amazing. I love everything about them and it will be a hard choice to make when selecting your favorite to add to your accessories.

(Photo credited to www.absstyle.com )

"Allen B. Schwartz began his adventure and ultimate destiny in the fashion world at the age of sixteen when he ventured from his home in Brooklyn to Manhattan. With drive and determination, Mr. Schwartz landed his first job at Russ Togs. Through his passion for sales, Mr. Schwartz quickly worked his way through the ranks. However it was his instinct for design that would guide his success." (Allen B. Schwartz)
Here is a watch that is one of my favorites. I love the black face, and silver is always a choice of mine. I think it looks very stylish and oh-so modern. Which one is your favorite?

Now to show you more! I really would get more if I could. Doesn't everyone need to know the time? Yes, I know what you are thinking. "I have a cellphone!" However, a cellphone does not look this pretty on your wrist. Give your loved one a nudge and show him a gift that you would like inside a heart shaped box.

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Mariz Lee said...

I'm actually looking for Movado watches when I stumbled upon your blog. These designs are breathtakingly beautiful especially the first watch.