Friday, December 16, 2011

The Holidays with American Girl!

What has your little been asking for this season? Is it a brand new bike? A new Buzz from the Toy Story? There have been so many hot toys out but there is one place that was on the top of my daughter's wish list. American Girl.

As my daughter has been getting older, she has been LOVING their dolls and books. Whenever I ask her what she wants for anything, she says, "Ummmm..." as she is tapping her face with her pointer finger. "I want American Girl dolls! Pleeeaasse Mommy!" I mean, how do you say no to a child who only asks for one thing?

American Girl has always had a spot in every little girls heart, and they are getting more popular each and every year. Their actually stores are a magical place for a little girl as her eyes will light up as she sees everything. Tis' the season to make their dreams come true! There are many different dolls out right now, but we are really loving the History dolls.

Marie-Grace and Cecile are two friends that came from different worlds. I LOVE how you can read all about their friendship and journey in a six series of books. Your daughter will sit close to you as you start from the beginning. This is also a great lesson and your child will be able to understand the true meaning of friendship.

You can also get outfits and furniture and more! You can really check out their styles from 1853. I do LOVE their Fancy Dress and Fairy Costumes! I'm sure everyone would love to have those to play up dress up with!

I could go on and on! I do know that you must get your daughter an American Girl Doll! They will be so happy and this doll with go everywhere with them. This is something that is very well made and will always be around, so get your daughter their first American Girl or another one so they can start making memories.

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